Tracker Rounds
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5,000 Credits

Technical Specifications
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Allows for short- and long-range tracking of targets


A clip filled with specialised tracking darts, on impact they become small beacons stuck in an enemy's armour and emit a shortwave radio burst on an encrypted frequency. By tracking the beacon guided weapons can home in on it with high accuracy, using a satellite network the target can be tracked over long distances but not for using mobile suit-based weapons.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

A rather inspired idea by Cecil Harlow, the designer behind the tracker rounds. After studying the different ammunition types used by Team Strike and developing a short-wave encrypted radio burst transmitter Harlow managed to create a new form of bullet. Designed to fall away on physical contact and release a strong adhesive foam, attaching to the target's armour with a strong magnetic field along with the foam. Once a physical connection is established and the on-board systems detect the enemy suit the transmitter emits a high-powered signal pulse, this pulse can be relayed by several satellites and tracked by anyone with the correct access codes. This surveillance network allows people to track high-priority targets on a global scale.