Samuel Hunter
Samuel Hunter
Place of Birth Glasgow
Nationality Scottish
Date of Birth 20 June
Age 24
Status Active
Alias The Skyline Vanguard
Blood Type A-
Gender Male
Genetic Type Newtype
Height 1.95 Meters
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Occupation Mobile Suit Pilot
Rank Major
Mobile Suits RGM-89D Jegan D Type

RGM-89S Stark Jegan
RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type
MSN-001A8X Delta Phoenix

Affiliation Earth Federation Army
Team 31st MS Defence Team (Formerly)

107th MS Strike Team (Dawnstar Squadron)

Major Samuel Hunter is a Newtype mobile suit pilot and pilots the custom machine MSN-001A8X Delta Phoenix.


Major Hunter is a tall, brown-eyed individual with shoulder length brown hair. He is usually seen in a pilot suit or military uniform, but almost always is wearing a pair of custom-made glasses capable of withstanding heavy impacts and can project additional information onto their surface for Hunter should he need it.


Despite having a large amount of military responsibility on his shoulders the major is a laid back and cheerful person, often pointing out the brighter side in situations as well as keeping moral up. Despite the cheery disposition Hunter becomes very focused in fights, but has been known to lose it when his team is in danger. He also considers himself quite the ladies man and is occasionally seen attempting to chat up the first woman he lays eyes on (naturally using his Newtype abilities to impress said woman).


  • Newtype reflexes allow him to sense enemies and attacks.
  • Can use psycommu systems to manipulate remote weapons and mobile suit systems.
  • Well developed sense of spacial comprehension means he has little trouble fighting in a constantly shifting environment like air and space.


  • Can sense pain from other people, leading him to suffer severe headaches in combat if enough people are suffering.
  • Develops heavy vendettas against certain enemies, leading him to lose track of anything else.
  • Refuses to give up on his team mates and is willing to give his life if it means saving them.


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Samuel developed an interest in mobile suits from a young age. At 18 he joined the Earth Federation Orbital Command and was assigned a Jegan Type-D as part of Earth's defensive fleet. After several successful missions against the U.E. Hunter was promoted and given a Stark Jegan to pilot as part of the 31st defence team, fighting at least twice alongside the Ra Calium and the elite Tri-Stars. During his time there he began to awaken as a Newtype and realise his abilities, the military, now aware of his potential, granted his request for a position as commander of a ReZEL squadron until the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus was developed and customised for his personal use.

Following his acquisition of the Delta Phoenix formed the 107th MS Strike Team, also known as Dawnstar Squadron, composed of RX-93/LH ν Gundam Custom, an experimental variant of the ν Gundam, the RGM-96X/S Jesta Barrage and the RGZ-95/CB Lightning ReZEL.