Marco Angelo Owen
Nationality Lunar
Family Father

Unknown sibling
Unkown sibling

Date of Birth October 12 A.F. 02
Age 20
Status Active
Blood Type O-
Gender Male
Genetic Type Human
Height 1.90 Meters
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Pilot Stats Close Range: 10

Long Range: 20
Speed: 20
Defense: 20
Technician: 10
Tech: 20

MS Specialities Close Range: 10

Long Range: 20
Speed: 20
Defense: 20
Technician: 10
Tech: 20

Occupation Mobile Suit Pilot
Mobile Suits CMS-574X/MAC Xeno-Marco Use
Nation of Affiliation United Lunar Colonies
City of Affiliation Lemuria

Marco Angelo Owen is a member of Team Strike and one of its Heavy Assault specialists.


Being about 6'3” tall and 235 lbs, while bearing a high and tight haircut and multiple intimidating tattoos on his heavily muscled frame, Marco just screams of badassery and danger in one package. His wardrobe ranges from looking slick and dapper, to a all down and dirty pit fighter look, depending on the occasion and his mood. And concealed upon his person at all times, are a pair of semi automatics and bladed weaponry, which Marco has no hesitation in using, should the situation call for it.


Being a newly admitted member of the Arondight's Spec Ops, Marco's aggression has been heightened from extensive training, befitting his jarhead status, but to say that he is just a mad hound would be incorrect. He still has the brains to back up his brawn, using his intelligence frequently to observe and deduce the situation, before devising a suitable countermeasure or plan. Off duty, Marco is typically laid back, preferring to engage in physical workouts to maintain his physique, or sneak in some personal training on the sims to improve his skills. He is also a foodie at heart, and knows some of the best places to eat on the moon.


  • Trained in numerous infantry weapons
  • Cross trained to operate vehicles and mobile weapons
  • Well trained physical strength and stamina
  • Noted preference for ranged/support oriented combat, as compared to melee


  • Short fuse, easily provoked.
  • Heightened aggression may lead to recklessness in battle, which can of course put team mates in peril
  • Prone to berserk tendencies when injured or overwhelmed in battle
  • Unfamiliar with seedy under workings and political workings of the Earth Sphere
  • Limited knowledge of current Zeon/Federation


Born in AF02, Marco Angelo Owen led a pretty mundane life, despite the turmoil of the early After Fall years. Owing to the family businesses, the Owen family fortunately did not sink into poverty line, although they had to tighten their belts until the better times came. Marco himself blossomed in school, becoming an avid sportmans in a few disciplines, and that continued until his graduation from academics in AF 19, whilst maintaining above average grades, despite his numerous sporting interests.

Expressing an interest in joining Arondight, an interest partially wetted by his grandfather's tales of military duty while he was an active member of Zeon, the muscled young man eventually obtained both permission and blessings from his parents to join the military, both of whom severely cautioned him against any heroics while in the line of duty. Showing great promise and potential during his Basic, Marco has only just been assigned to his active Spec Ops unit, after received extensive lessons and training along the way to becoming a proper Spec Ops member.