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Ra Cailum-class Lennox
Product Information

Ra Cailum

Unit Type



Earth Federation Sphere Orbital Command (EFSOC)



Known Captains

Andrew Seale

Known Crew

Samuel Hunter
Lara Halsen


Earth Federation Sphere Orbital Command (EFSOC)

107th MS Strike Team (Dawnstar Sqaudron)

487 Meters


165 Meters

Technical Specifications
  • Minovsky Craft System
  • Thermonuclear Jet Engine x 8
  • 2-Barrel Anti-MS Beam Gun x 22
  • 2-Barrel Main Beam Gun x 4
  • Missile Launcher x 6
Special Equipment and Features
  • MS Hangers: 2
  • MS Capacity: 8
  • MS Catapults: 2
Mobile Weapons
Chronological and Affiliation

Earth Federation Sphere Orbital Command (EFSOC)


The Lennox is a Ra Cailum-class Battleship commanded by Colonel Andrew Seale.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Following the high success rates of the previous Ra Cailum units built, EFSOC decided to commission more built for use by specialist groups operating in and out of the Earth's atmosphere. Thanks to the newest additions to the fleet mobile suit teams could easily be dispatched almost anywhere thanks to the Ra Cailum's Minovsky Craft System and powerful engines. One of these ships, the "Lennox" was assigned to be the carrier and back-up for the 107th MS Strike Team, command felt that by giving them a ship with half the hangar empty there would be space for either future additions or temporary use during joint operations.


  • 2-Barrel Anti-MS Beam Gun
  • 2-Barrel Main Beam Gun
  • Missile Launcher


Assigned to the team shortly after being assembled, the Lennox has been Dawnstar squadron's trusted carrier for countless operations. The commanding officer, Colonel Andrew Seale, holds the team in high regard and a has a lot of faith in their work. Thanks to well co-ordinated collaboration between the two the Lennox has been at the front line of several missions, frequently alongside other well-known ships and squadrons.