Taking a G System was not without risk, or consequences. After its successful capture the UE set in motion a plan to recapture the system, opting for an en-masse tactic a swarm of Death Birdie mobile suits are sent out to retake it.

Situation ReportEdit

60 Death Birdie type mobile suits are detected heading towards the South American G System, System 04, leading to the undoing of a difficult victory. Team Strike detect the massive amount of suits gathering and launch to intercept, engaging the enemy in a clearing several kilometres south of the river bifurcation of the Amazon river and Rio Xingu. Among the friendly forces deployed is a Gallop-class used by Alex Fenrir and an Assault Container.


  • Prevent the capture of G System 04.
  • Destroy all UE mobile suit.

Tactical PlanEdit

The team is to engage the enemy with ranged combat techniques, avoiding enemy fire and attempting to take out the threat as quickly as possible. For additional fire power a Gallop-class and Assault Container are dispatched alongside the mobile suit forces. Close combat is not advised as Death Birdie units will easily overwhelm any exposed mobile suits.

Enemy Mobile UnitsEdit


  • 600,000 Credits
  • Salvaged Death Birdie Mobile Suits x 32

Dispatched Pilots & MachinesEdit

Dual Assault Container "Longshot"
Gallop-class Transport


Despite a major tactical blunder of Briar's (which his former team members mock him for to this day) where he attracted the attention of all 60 enemy units the team managed to successfully shoot down every unit and protect the G System. A large number of units were later salvaged by Team Strike and stored in their hangar, possibly awaiting retrofitting of mobile doll control systems to function as autonomous defence units for the base.