Cecil Harlow
Cecil Harlow
Place of Birth Washington D.C., North America, Earth
Nationality Lunar
Family Jonathan Harlow (Father)

Maria Harlow (Mother)

Date of Birth October 12 B.F. 01
Age 23
Status Active
Alias Fuse
Blood Type AB+
Gender Male
Genetic Type Human
Height 1.87 Meters
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Pilot Stats Intelligence: 20

Body: 10
Engineering: 20
Tactics: 15
Focus: 20
Endurance: 15

MS Specialities Close Range: 10

Long Range: 20
Speed: 15
Defense: 20
Technician: 15
Tech: 20

Occupation Mobile Suit Pilot
Mobile Suits CMS-574X/H Xeno-Harlow Use
Affiliation United Lunar Colonies
Nation of Affiliation Moon
City of Affiliation Lemuria

Cecil Harlow is an Arondight pilot of the United Lunar Colonies.


Tall clean-shaven with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, slightly dark complexion with scar on right arm. Usually wears jeans with a shirt and a long jacket if needed when off duty, when working in the workshop Harlow wears a lab coat or engineering uniform when needed with a large number of gadgets and tools in his pockets. While on duty Harlow wears a standard dark blue Arondight uniform with black highlights and a white with black pilot suit.


Usually kind and quiet, at times sarcastic. At times he inadvertently sneaks up on people by simply walking lightly and not saying anything causing some people to jump the moment he says anything when they don't notice he's in the room. During combat he usually stays calm and focused but gets frustrated when team members don't stick to the plan or co-operate.


  • High intelligence
  • High accuracy with mobile suits and hand-held weaponry
  • Impressive natural skills in engineering
  • Skilled in piloting regular vehicles as well as MS
  • Qualified in advanced first aid techniques


  • Stubbornness
  • May take reckless actions to save team mates
  • Challenges people when he feels they're not qualified
  • Preference in ranged combat leads him to occasionally be taken off guard by melee attacks (improving though with practice)
  • Not especially strong


Born on Earth in North America, Harlow scored top of his class in engineering and physics, finishing school at 16 and studying mobile suit engineering at university. Graduating with a first class degree Harlow decided to move to the Lunar Colonies. At 20 enrolled in the military academy, again graduating top of his class and becoming highly knowledgeable in MS mechanics, using his skills to give him an edge in handling suits.